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Voice Alerts

29 December 2009 - 20:37 PM

Hi HDBlog community,

I'm sorry i don't speak italian, but i follow this forums constantly and find this website awesome. I want to thank specially Drakas for his galaxo hero ROM, wich i currently run on my samsung galaxy.

i want to introduce you my new Android app, i added today support for italian language so i thought it would be interesting for you, i'm waiting to make a correction of the italian words because i used google translation and you know it's not 100% effective.

Its called Voice Alerts, actually there is only a demo version on the market but soon i will be releasing the full version, with more features and no "Demo message".

for mor info check:

VoiceAlerts is an application for the android mobile platform, its goal is to alert the user with speech messages when the following events occur:

Incoming/Missed Calls: Alerts the user when receives a call, speaking the name of the contact. Configure repeat mode for missed calls alert.

Time changes: it can be configured to “speak” the current time in 15,30 and 60 minutes intervals. For instance: “it is 20 hours 15 minutes”

Sms received: A voice alert informs the user that a new sms is received, it can be configured to read the content as well.

Battery alerts: The user can specify a battery level (for instance 5%), below that level the app alerts the user with a voice message about the current battery status. Also, when the battery is completely loaded.

Memory alerts: A voice alert informs the user when the memory level is too low.

Message on Boot: You android wellcomes you with a customized message.

Support for different languages (Spanish, English, German and French).

Added Widget to Activate/Deactivate the App easily and quick.

Lots of new features. (Headset activation, Notifications)